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About The Show

“Showcase Hawaii” is Hawaii’s first and only home shopping show. Featuring local entrepreneurs and their products. Great products, great deals and inspiring stories. Produced and hosted by husband and wife team Wayne Nunez and Laurie Wong Nunez.

Air Times

SAT 8:00pm (new episodes premiere monthly) SUN 2:00am & 4:00pm MON 7:30am TUE 2:30pm & 11:30pm WED 5:30am & 10:00pm THU 4:00am & 1:00pm FRI 11:00am

Contact Us

WEB:   EMAIL:   PHONE: (808) 892-3337 or (888) 965-7467

FACEBOOK:  INSTAGRAM:  showcasehawaii

TWITTER:  @showcasehawaii

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