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About The Show

Travel across Hawaii and throughout the Pacific to visit the people and places that make up these culturally diverse lands. Host Jenn Boneza will introduce you to selfless individuals who work to protect the natural beauty of the islands and discover some hidden and not-so-hidden scenic spots. “Outside Hawaii” presents each show with a cultural and educational emphasis and you will be enlightened by little-known facts and intrigued by the islands’ majestic beauty.

Air Times

SUN 6:00pm (new episodes premiere monthly) MON 9:30am & 1:30pm TUE 1:30am & 9:30am WED 9:30am THU 9:30am & 5:00pm FRI 9:30am SAT 8:00am & 4:30pm SUN 11:00am

Contact Us

EMAIL:   PHONE: (808) 779-7617

INSTAGRAM:  outsidehawaii


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