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Episode 18

About The Episode

Welcome to the world of competitive cheerleading! In this reality-based TV show you will get to know the athletes of Aloha Cheer Academy, the fastest growing and largest all-star cheerleading program in Hawaii. What started off as a dream of “Mama Bee” (Blossom Caballero) has grown into a program with great coaches, parents, and athletes. Tune in to see the drive, determination and drama that comes with going for a national title. Watching these cheerleaders train, practice, and compete prove that “cheerleaders are not real athletes” is a myth! The skills involved in cheerleading leave no doubt that cheerleaders are exceptional athletes and the ACA program is built on the foundation of unity, excellence and confidence. They strive to instill each of these values into every member of the Aloha Nation family, encouraging and inspiring their athletes to achieve a lifetime of success.

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